This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.


This module implements part of the Google Documents List Data API v2.0, as per Google Documents List Data API v2.0

The current version supports browsing documents for users (no folders, though) and it does not, at the moment, support updating, creating, moving or trashing documents. There is not a binding between site users and google accounts. You can have a list of the google documents for the whole site and/or a list for every OG group.

The primary purpose of this module is to offer a way for people to have their document list visible on the site, with shortcut links for editing and downloading them (if they can). The list is sorted by the last updated date.

The module integrates OG so that every group could have a specific google account defined to browse documents from. Every group with a linked google account will sport a new "Google Docs" tab.

At the moment the module has a dependency on PHP 5.2, given the usage of the json_decode() function. Sorry for that, I expect this dependency to be removed soon.

Module makes use of (and thus depends on) the Encrypt module.

This module uses two way key encryption to protect the account credentials. For technical and usability reasons only the ClientLogin Google authentication method has been used (other would be AuthSub or OAuth). This method simply logs into a google account providing its email and password - programmatically, on behalf of the user itself.

Important: beta3 added the «access google docs» permission.

Authored and maintained by Claudio Cicali

Sponsored by Formez PA

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