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Display live data on your site using Google Chart Tools
Google Chart Tools module provides a simple API to Build custom interactive SVG charts.
The module contain an example module which demonstrate how this module can be use.


- Support for
Organizational Chart.
Geo Chart (example).

Analytics Dashboard

In addition, an Analytics Dashboard module is included.
The Analytics Dashboard creates an analytics page with time frame filters and some defaults site analystics charts, with the tools to add new charts and control the charts visibility.

Views integration

The Google Chart Tools Views module is based on the Views built in aggregation function.
For basic instructions of using the Views integration module check the README.txt file.
- Requires Views
- Optional Views Date Format SQL


$settings['chart']['chartOne'] = array(  
    'header' => array('Apple', 'Banana', 'Mango'),
    'rows' => array(array(12, 6, 8)),
    'columns' => array('Fruit count'),
    'chartType' => 'PieChart',
    'containerId' =>  'content',
    'options' => array( 
      'forceIFrame' => FALSE, 
      'title' => 'Fruit count',
      'width' => 800,
      'height' => 400  

  //Draw it.
  $ret = draw_chart($settings); 

Other charts modules

Google Chart Tools is part of the OpenideaL distribution.

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