I will do my best to keep this up-to-date with the latest Drupal 8 alpha. Currently supporting alpha 8.

It's time to start building with Drupal 8. This will allow for a better Drupal 8 in the end. The problem is some modules are too big to port easily and too difficult to maintain even if they where ported. Google Analytics is one of those modules.

Google Analytics Lite currently has one setting and one setting only, the Google Analytics Tracking ID. All that is necessary to get this working is enable the module and set the tracking code.

More features may be in the pipeline; However, this project is intended to be a feature lite alternative to the complex Google Analytics module.

If you require a more feature rich module, I recommend the Google Analytics module. It is a highly stable project with and the first place to go for Google Analytics integration in Drupal 7.

Development of this project is sponsored by KWALL

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