This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

GMap_Direx (GMap Direction Extras) is a module that allows the request of directions
from Google's GMap service and stores all details about the direction in the Drupal
database for later view. All those directions are user specific and no route can be
saved more than once.

This module was driven by specific customer request and has been developed in a generic
form to be able to submit this to the open community. However, in the next few weeks it's
like to get changed fundamentally, so you should expect some important changes. Therefore
use with care in production sites for the time being.

After installation and configuration, just visit your account profile at and you'll fina a new tab called "My Directions"
or go there directly: Here you
find two new tabs to either display all saved locations or add a new one. Everything
else should be self-explaining.


Drupal 6 and the GMap module (including a free Google Map API key)


Install as usual, see for further information.


Configure Gmap_Direx in Administer >> Site configuration >> GMap Direction Extras

Enable GMap Direction Extras permissions in Administer >> User management >> Permissions




Not known yet


Yet to come


Current maintainer:
Jürgen Haas (jurgenhaas) -

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