This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module enables administrators to create blocks containing a Google Map. Each map is highly configurable and can contain multiple locations which are created separately and are therefore reusable in multiple blocks. A location is created by just adding an address, and per location administrators can specify whether or not a marker should be created, if an info window should be used and if a directions form should be used. It is also possible to upload a custom marker icon image.

Other modules can hook in to the settings object passed to javascript using hook_gmap_blocks(&$block);

This module uses the GMap API version 3 which is exponentially faster than it's predecessor. Version 3 also doesn't require an API key.

Due to limitations of the API, not more 10 locations can be loaded on each map without using an API key. If you wish to add more locations, an API key is compulsory.

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