The Global Avatar module is useful in multi-site environments where the user table is shared and avatars should be consistent across the network of sites. Specifically, it is designed to solve the issue raised in the post Multisite with shared user table, but how to share user pictures? This module is compatible with the ImageCache Profiles project.


Global Avatar is maintained by Chris Pliakas. The original development of this module was sponsored by CommonPlaces e-Solutions, LLC.

Follow Chris on Twitter: @cpliakas

The 7.x version is maintained by Sergei Stryukov. It was created from scratch and only it is actively supported.


In order for the module to work, Global Avatar must be enabled on all sites that share the users table. In addition, the {global_avatar} table must be shared by all sites it is installed on. Other than that, Global Avatar is installed just as any standard Drupal module. Please review the Installing contributed modules tutorial for more details. No extra configuration is required after the module is installed.

Optionally, administrators can select one site's picture image path to store all of the avatars. This can be done by visiting Administer -> User Management -> Global avatar in the site where the avatars should be stored and selecting the checkbox. Enable the bundled Global Avatar Migrate module and click the "Migrate avatars" button in the admin page listed above to move all current avatars to the selected global avatar directory.

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