This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

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Module allowing users to create a HTML version of a node and then push it to GitHub's free Pages hosting.

Based heavily on Kevin O'Brien's SaveToFTP module.

Inspired by the awesomeness of Mike Bostock, d3.js creator.


Untar or unzip the downloaded module to your module directory (e.g. sites/all/modules) and then enable on the admin modules page (/admin/modules).


1. Configure at /admin/config/media/ghpages.
Ensure that the repo you plan to push to has a "gh-pages" branch!

2. Go to a node's edit page, e.g., node/edit/1.
At the bottom there will be a "Push to GitHub" button

3. Everything should then be visible at



  • Add "Remove from GitHub" button
  • Add user-level config options (I.e., user repos)
  • Add integration with GitHub Connector

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