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This is a developer module to assist in building forward-compatible, object-oriented modules. If you are not writing modules or instructed by another module, do not install this.

Ghost contains a number of object-oriented components for building Drupal sites which have previously been part of other modules.

  • Object-oriented Page Controllers
  • Object-oriented Form Plugins (with some Drupal 8 compatibility)
  • A Service container supporting swappable Services (new in beta6)
  • Block plugins
  • Logger
  • Display Suite Field Prototypes
  • Field Formatter plugins
  • Enhancements to EntityFieldQuery
  • Enhanced Variables management (see also Globals if you are interested in this
  • Common interfaces for accessing Data
  • A growing library of user interface builders
  • and some other minor utilities


Ghost includes documentation with examples inside a /docs folder, or you can view the documentation online.

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