This module integrate GetKudos to your drupal site installation.

GetKudos is a business tool for collecting and displaying customer reviews and testimonials, optimized for authenticity in today's age of social media. We aim for a fuss-free solution without you requiring engineering help.


This module provide two GetKudos widget — floating and inline.

  1. Floating Widget

    You can display GetKudos floating widget in your site by configuring in Administration » Configuration » Web Services » GetKudos (admin/config/services/getkudos).

  2. Inline Widget

    Display GetKudos inline widget by enabling its block in Administration » Structure » Blocks (admin/structure/block). If you want to embed in your theme's template, call getkudos_inline_widget(). This function return renderable array, so wrap it with drupal_render() or render().

    $widget = getkudos_inline_widget();

GetKudos will be permanently shutting down on May 23, 2015

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