The getID3() Drupal module facilitates the installation and management of the getID3() PHP library, used to extract useful information from MP3s and other multimedia file formats.

This API module is used by other modules to ensure that getID3() is correctly installed. Developers who need the getID3() functionality can make this a dependency by their module, and then call the getid3_load() function to properly use the getID3() library without having to worry about whether it's installed or not.

Drupal 6 Installation

Use drush:

drush en getid3

Or do it manually:

  1. Place the entire getid3 directory into your modules directory (sites/all/modules is the usual location).
  2. Create a new folder for the getID3 library at:
    mkdir -p sites/all/libraries/getid3
  3. Go to and download the latest stable version (currently 1.7.9) into the new directory:
    cd sites/all/libraries/getid3
    wget ""
  4. Unzip the contents of the zip file into sites/all/modules/getid3/ so that write.php is located in sites/all/libraries/getid3/getid3/:
  5. Delete the demos directory:
    rm -r demos/
  6. Go to Administer > Site building > Modules and enable the GetID3 module.
  7. Go to Administer > Settings > getID3. If you see the version you just downloaded, the module is installed correctly.
Supporting organizations: 
Sponsored creation and development of 7.x-2.x branch, supporting File Entity integration.

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