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What it does:
The Get Directions module provides the ability to get directions to and from places using Google Maps.

Getdirections supports the following locative modules:

You should only install one of the above.
Support for the Views module, version 3
Support for the Addressfield module, in conjunction with Geofield or Geolocation.
Support for the Entity module, still under development.
These are not required but you will get more features if they are enabled.

Supports Googlemaps API version 3 which does not require a Google Maps API key.

Drupalcode link:
Getdirections 7.x-3.x on git
Documentation is in the README.txt

D6 is now maintenance only.

The 3.x series is now the main development line for D7:

  • Configurable 'Return to page' and 'Return to user' links
  • Optional Waypoints
  • Support for Colorbox, see README for details
  • Views 3 support.
  • Show total distance and duration option.
  • Switch To/From option.
  • Draggable route option.
  • Google Places Autocomplete option.
  • Show title option.
  • HTTPS support
  • Traffic, Bicycling, Transit, Panoramio and Weather layers.
  • Viewport bias in Google Autocomplete.
  • HTML5 Geolocation option.
  • Includes the Getdirections_fields module that can embed a Getdirections map into content.
  • A preview map is now available on the main configuration page
  • Improved support for entities, still under development


  • Added Avoid Ferries filter
  • Only show installed message when using ui
  • Added uselatlons option

Patches welcome!
Please report bugs and support requests on the Issues Page

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