A collection of modules to provide an API to integrate with GeoNames webservices. The modules in this package enable access to all information provided by the XML-based Services from GeoNames.

This project is maintained by lyricnz and SeroSero.

Supported GeoNames Services Include:

  • GeoNames Fulltext Search (search)
  • Reverse Geocoding
    • Country Subdivision (countrysubdivision)
    • Find nearby (findnearby)
    • Find nearby Place Name (nearbyplace)
    • Find nearby Postal Codes (nearbypostalcodes)
    • Find nearby Wikipedia Entries (nearbywikipedia)
  • Place Hierarchy
    • Neighbours (neighbours)
    • Siblings (siblings)
    • Hierarchy (hierarchy)
    • Children (children)
  • Postal Code Country Info (postalcodecountryinfo)
  • Postal Code Search (postalcodesearch)
  • Country Code (reverse geocoding) (countrycode)
  • Country Info (Bounding Box, Capital, Area in square km, Population) (countryinfo)
  • Timezone (timezone)
  • Wikipedia Articles from Bounding Box (wikipediabbox)
  • Wikipedia Fulltext Search (wikipediasearch)

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