This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Geobrowser is a module for browsing drupal's spatial information. It provides a google maps powered interactive viewer for location enabled nodes.

An example implementation of the geobrowser module can be seen on

Features Include

  • Scalability to thousands of nodes
  • Custom icons based on node taxonomy
  • Layers (based on taxonomy) that can be turned on and off by the user as they browse the map.
  • Hierarchical (nested) layers.
  • Support for multiple simultaneous vocabularies (meta-layers).
  • Icon viewing priority via fivestar module. When the map would normally clutter, geobrowser prioritizes certain nodes for viewing and only shows lower priority nodes when the user zooms in.

For more information about the Geobrowser module, or to arrange help setting up your own implementation, please contact Patrick Hayes of MapsWest at patrick.d.hayes [at]

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