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Cold Day started out as a theme for a friends blog and is inspired by a design I saw on CSSZengarden. Its a good theme for a blog and if you're daring you can easily change the colors and images used in the theme. The default photo is a shot over-looking the narrow strip of ocean between Sweden and Denmark, from the Swedish city of Malmö, where I live.

Cold Day is 100% original, nothing was perked from the original design.

You must first download and install Genesis 6.x-1.2 base theme and then install Cold Day.

Note: you must use Genesis 6.x-1.2, this sub-theme is not yet compatible with Genesis 6.x-2.x.

The admin section is 240px wider than the front end, so you can use this to administrate your site without the need for a separate admin theme (narrow themes can be a problem for some admin screens).

IE6 support is a bit sketchy. I will look fine but the placement of the logo and sitename are slightly different. I did not want to modify the base page.tpl.php (that nearly all Genesis subthemes use).

Cold Day is not the most modern design, but its not meant to be and is still a nice looking theme all the same.

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