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Google Analytics Service

Google Analytics now tracks mobile websites and mobile apps so you can better measure your mobile marketing efforts. If you're optimizing content for mobile users and have created a mobile website, Google Analytics can track traffic to your mobile website from all web-enabled devices, whether or not the device runs JavaScript. This is made possible by adding a server side code snippet to your mobile website. Of course, you can still track visits to your regular website coming from high-end, Javascript enabled phones.

Google Analytics Service is a Services addon module and allows you to track traffic made to the endpoints set up for your Drupal site.

For web based Analytics module, please check out the Google Analytics Module.



Fixes are actively made to this version. You need Services 6.x-2.x to use this version. Services 6.x-2.x is no longer activly maintained as they have made a rewrite since.


Active development is made to this version. You will need to use Services 6.x-3.x for this version which is the currently maintained version of Services. It also requires an extra dependency of Drupal Queue.


Active development is made to this version. It is a direct port of 6.x-2.x to Drupal 7.


After installation, you must go to /admin/settings/gaservice to enter your Google Analytics account number. Instead of UA, use MO for the first part of your account number. After saving, watch the hits roll in on the Google Analytics dashboard.

Change of Implementation
The original server side script shipped by Google only works for "Browsers". I modified the implementation so it can work with any "Client". The original script is ga.php, which is not used. The modified version is ga_mod.php.

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