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Now with a better overview of the supported Lightboxes

What does Gallery Assist Lightboxes?

Gallery Assist Lightboxes allow to use a lightbox on Gallery Assist images.

This package does not contain lightboxes. You should download them from the respective homepages.

The intention is to create a basis for the using and managing from more as one lightboxes on Gallery Assist galleries. (not all but a lot of, you see it is posible).
For the first for Gallery Assist but later who knows, maybe drupal-module-developers have interese for this project and want develop for each one lightbox the integration for the other Drupal content.

Here I have done as soon as possible these three videos, perhaps as little help or encouragement.
Video 1 - Install the lightbox.
Video 2 - Install all the other supported lightboxes.
Video 3 - About features I am by implementing and the two new submodules:
                  the Gallery Assist for the cooliris viewer (piclens-cooliris) and the upport (upload and import).

Links to supported lightboxes:

  1. Lightbox2 * jquery-1.2.6, customizable: no
  2. Lytebox * jquery-1.2.6, customizable: no
  3. Thickbox * jquery-1.2.6, customizable: no
  4. PrettyPhoto * jquery-1.3.1, customizable: yes - full
  5. fancybox * jquery-1.2.6, customizable: not currently
  6. highslide * jquery-1.2.6, customizable: yes, partial
  7. shadowbox * jquery-1.2.6, customizable: not currently
  8. colorbox * jquery-1.3.1, customizable: not currently
  9. interface-imagebox * jquery-1.2.6, customizable: no

New suported Lightboxes:

  1. slimbox * jquery-1.2.6, customizable: yes, full
  2. Lightbox2 (Drupal Module)


* jquery-1.2.6 - It mean, works fine with the included JQuery in Drupal.
* customizable:
no - It mean, not customizable through Gallery Assist Lightboxes.
not currently - It mean, it is in the todo list and I work in this.
partial - It mean, only the for Gallery Assist interesant settings are customizable.
full - It mean, all currently posibilities for settings are implemented.


Livedemo: Gallery Assist Lightboxes examples
Screencasts: Gallery Assist Lightboxes screencasts

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