Google Analytics information appended to the bottom of a Contact Form email

Haven't you always wanted immediate access to the Google Analytics information about your visitors? Now you can! This module will extract the information found in the __utmz and __utma cookies and neatly package them into tasty little tokens.

Installation Instructions:

1. Enable Google Analytics. (Duh!)
2. Enable the Token module. (It is a token-izer, remember?)
3. Enable this module. (Wow, could it be any simpler?)

How to use it:

Just use the tokens in any token enabled field. Or, incorporate these tokens into a custom module.

Modules that use Google Analytics Tokenizer:

- Google Analytics Capture (save GA data to database)
- Google Analytics Contact Form and Webform

List of Tokens:

Token ID Purpose
D6: [ga-source]
D7: [ga_tokenizer:ga-source]
Search engine, domain name, newsletter name, or other source.
D6: [ga-campaign]
D7: [ga_tokenizer:ga-campaign]
To identify a specific product promotion or strategic campaign.
D6: [ga-medium]
D7: [ga_tokenizer:ga-medium]
A medium such as organic, referral, twitter, email, feed, or cost-per-click.
D6: [ga-content]
D7: [ga_tokenizer:ga-content]
Used for A/B testing. To differentiate ads or links that point to the same URL
D6: [ga-term]
D7: [ga_tokenizer:ga-term]
The keywords for the organic search or ad.
D6: [ga-first-visit]
D7: [ga_tokenizer:ga-first-visit]
Date/Time of initial visit.
D6: [ga-previous-visit]
D7: [ga_tokenizer:ga-previous-visit]
Date/Time of previous visit.
D6: [ga-current-visit]
D7: [ga_tokenizer:ga-current-visit]
Date/Time of current visit.
D6: [ga-times-visited]
D7: [ga_tokenizer:ga-times-visited]
Total number of times visited.

Feature requests?:

Be sure to give a good practical application for the feature. If the idea is good, I'll get on it like fly on poop.


This module was sponsored by yadaDROP, a Drupal Web Analytics company.

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