FTG - Module details example
FTG - Field details example
FTG - Generated module structure
FTG - Default Form widget
FTG - Default field formatter

This module is a code generator for Drupal developers.. It generates much of the code needed to create custom field types, as a fully-working, downloadable module.
It has some very interesting features, like support, out of the box, for the following data fields as columns of the field type created:

1.- "text_format" Textareas that need to store the chosen format.
2.- Date fields (https://www.drupal.org/project/date)
3.- Entity Reference fields

The goal of the tool is to save developer's time, not to be a perfect tool to cover every possible case out there.


1.- Enable module
2.- Go to "/ftg" path.
3.- Enter the module details and field type details (columns details) in the form presented.
4.- Click on "Download module" to get your .tar compressed module folder, ready to be installed and used in any Drupal site.


  • See images linked for an example use.
  • No roadmap in mind. This was done as a Proof of Concept. Patches for new features are welcome, though.
  • Blog post about the module (with video demo and example module generated included).

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