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Forms based on entities.


The first Beta is released. We like to rethink the permissions before releasing stable. We also need to test more with features and ctools exports. Furthermore it is bug fixing! Fill that issue queue!


Ever needed Webforms with complete Views integration?
Since Forms is build on the fieldable Entity layer, you get full support for Rules and Views out of the box.

When you are building long forms or expect a lot of submissions, the Webform module is probably a better choice. This Forms module is compared with Webform heavy, but more flexible.

The Forms module now comes with:

  • Views support
  • Rules support
  • Features support
  • Fields support
  • A Field to attach a Form to another Entity (e.g. Nodes)

All Fields you use in nodes can be used in Forms as field, including images, files and dates.

Multi page Forms is supported with Field group or with skilip's sandbox project Page break field.

Use Forms with other Entities

The submodule forms_attach_field provides you with a way to attach a form to an entity. Think about contact forms for the User entity, signup forms for your event node type or private comments (for the node author).


Forms cannot send out emails on submission by itself. Use Rules support for that. All fields are available as token to use in the email.


Forms is built by internetbureau .VDMi/. Forms or variants of it are used on some projects for our clients. Several enhancements, initial Features support and initial Views support is done by skilip for

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