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Faceted Search Context block

This is an add-on module to the excellent faceted search module. When using the guided search you often want to display a page or a bit of text or some sort of introduction to the current search.
Faceted Search Context provides a context sensitive block which changes according to the current faceted search - currently it supports detection of the selected terms.
This module creates a block that parses the current search path of the guided search (the term id or term ids) and passes them on to a view. It allows for different ways of using the search context:

  • Pass only the last term id to the view
  • Pass only the first term id to the view
  • Combine the term ids using a logical OR
  • Combine the term ids using a logical AND
  • Iterate through the term ids (in the same order as they're found in the URL)
  • Iterate through the term ids in reverse order

In order to use this module, create a view that takes one argument of type term id (tid), if you're using validation allow for multiple arguments (Term IDs separated by...) and Allow multiple terms per argument.

Then activate the block in the block configuration and click on configure block. There you're able to select the view and the argument handling method.

To get full functionality you may want to try this patch to the faceted_search module together with fs_context #739582: Patchset: navigation, separator, i18n, breadcrumb, multiple select, hide title, remove environment base from breadcrumb.

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