An example of a user registration form.

Friendly Register module allows users to see if a username or email address has already been used during registration before they submit the form. This module checks the database and returns an error if the username is already in use. In addition to checking the username the module checks if there is already an account using that email address, if there is, a message is displayed with links to the login or reset password pages.


  • Email addresses don't show a message until the email address is at least a valid one
  • It works on both the public user registration form as well as the administrative user registration page
  • Built in flood protection (this can be disabled per role)
  • Fully translatable
  • Uses a timer to check for changes to allow cross-browser functionality without losing focus
  • Works with HTML5
  • Themeable via CSS
  • Works with users who auto-fill or paste in values
  • IPv4 and IPv6 enabled
  • Hooks to integrate with other modules to extend validation

This module differs from Username Check since it is for Drupal 7 and it checks for two fields where Username Check only checks the username field. The Friendly Register module hooks in differently to the fields in order to allow for checking when a user pastes in a value or uses a browser auto-suggest.

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