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Friendlist is a foundation needed to build a social network-oriented website with Drupal 6.

At the very basic level, it provides the ability to create custom relationships between users. It's a feature-rich suite of modules that features integration plugins with a list of major Drupal modules (see below). Admins can create relationship types. Both single (think: a fan) and two-way relationships (e.g. a friend) are allowed.

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ATTENTION: If you enable Friendlist_Rules make sure that you use the latest DEV Snapshot releases of both Token and Rules modules (not: the stable ones) or the module won't work and will throw errors!


Just moved to new location, so under development: FriendList Docs


  • Integration with Views
  • Integration with Rules
  • Integration with HeartBeat
  • Integration with CCK Field Privacy
  • Integration with Popups 1.3.x
  • Integration with Node Access
  • Buddylist and Buddylist2 migration assistant.
  • User Relationships migration assistant.
  • Configurable set of relationships. One-way relationships, two-way relationships with confirmation, two-way relationships without confirmation (using Rules)
  • Working user interface, out of the box, with configurable system messages [using t() function]
  • Complete user and developer documentation.
  • Sample code snippets for people who want more low-level access than using Views.

Upcoming Features:

Friendlist is based on a clear, well defined API which works separately and independently of any module. The API is simplified, and it exposes functions focused on managing those relationships (the main ones: add relationship, delete relationship, check a relationship's status, and see a status's available options). The API's simplicity is a design decision, and it's what makes this module particularly powerful and bug-free.

Original module authors went extra mile to religiously document the code and make it very readable, so feel free to peek under the hood.


* The current DEV snapshot of Token (If using the Friendlist Rules module)
* The latest DEV snapshot of Rules (if using the Friendlist Rules module)
* The latest release version of Views (If using the Views module, which is _really_ important)
* (OPTIONAL) The latest 1.x version of Popups

Note: This module only exists for Drupal 6. There is no plan on back porting it to Drupal 5.

For a list of upcoming features, check out:


Original Author: Tony Mobily

* Irakli Nadareishvili (Current maintainer)
* Marius Ooms (Default views and rules, module documentation)
* Tony Mobily (Original developer, still helping out!)

Other Modules

Other modules, aiming at the same goal, available in Drupal 6 right now are:

* User Relationships. For a comparison between User Relationships and Friendlist, see

(Note: Buddylist2's main page recommends FriendList as an upgrade path for Drupal 6)

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