This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

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Google has officially deprecated Google Friend Connect. See for the announcement blog post.

Google Friend Connect (GFC) provides simple user authentication using any OpenID account, including Google, Yahoo and AIM. Instead of filling in yet another profile form, your users can connect to their existing identities, showing current profile pictures. By making login easier and connected to existing identity, you'll see increased engagement and comment activity. A user can visit your site and leave a comment with a Google Account, Yahoo Account, any OpenID, or in future other sites that participate in OpenSocial.

This is the official home of the Drupal GFC module. It was originally authored by Googler Muthu Muthukrishnan at Google Code and we have the permission from him to support and maintain the module here on
Google has started a new plugin that seems to have a completely different team responsible for it. We're trying to work with them to bring development for the Drupal module back here again since there are several advantages for our end Drupal users by having modules hosted here. Until then, this project no longer has any official support from Google and is classified by them as a 'fork'. See for more details or to support bringing the project development back to

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