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This module now supports using espeak, and includes cck support.
espeak install tutorial ->

Who is this module for
Drupal sites that want to provide the text content of nodes in a downloadable audio format, primarily as an mp3

How does it work
When a node is created / edited there is an option to create / re-create an audio file. Additionally there is a link beneath each node to allow this creation.
Once the creation of audio content is triggered, the system formats the data and sends it off to the system where FreeTTS creates a wav file and lame converts it into mp3. the freetts module downloads it and makes it available as a download on the node page.

install FreeTTS and LAME on the choosen machine.
copy the remote php files to a web available directory.
Optionally install MBrola and a MBrola voice ( allows for higher quality/ alternative or non-english voices) to the FreeTTS machine.
install and enable the FreeTTS module as you would anyother Drupal module
Configure the freetts admin settings

Other Similar modules:
Dixerit embeds a web-based TTS service and streams the audio over the web
Differencies: freetts downloads the audio allowing for podcasting abilities, the ability to create albums etc.

Further development possibilities:
a further developed api for FreeTTS LAME and MBrola
integration of similar TTs systems ( Festival )
Greater File management capabilities and options

This module is sponsored by the Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services (IRISS) -

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