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This module is here to alleviate frustration when trying to manage permissions in Drupal. By providing a better permissions interface hopefully a few innocent keyboards and mice can be saved.

For Drupal 8 (7.x-2.x)

Right now this module has a working Drupal 8 development version, it has all the basic functionality that the Drupal 7 version has:

  • Filtering
  • Quick module filter
  • System name filtering
  • Bulk changes
  • Reset changes
  • Change indicators*

Integration with other modules like Filter Permissions or CTools modals is not working yet. Please feel free to test it and report issues so I can work on them and get a stable release.

For Drupal 7 (7.x-2.6)


The permissions page now provides a search field that will filter the permissions UI on-the-fly, allowing you to instantly find the permission that you are looking for.

You can also filter on the module a permission belongs to using the @ symbol:

For example, if you want to show only permissions that contain the word admin for the comment module you would enter:

Quick module filter:

You can click on module names in the list to the left to instantly show only that module's permissions.

If you already have a filter value, it will apply that to the newly selected module.

System name filtering:

The basic permission@module filtering now matches on the system name as well, as they can be different.

E.g., in the Coder module the permission "View all code reviews" has the system name of 'view code review all'.

This is especially useful for developers that see calls to user_access() and need to give that permission to roles.

Bulk changes:

You can now check all visible checkboxes for a permission or role with a single click, using the appropriate row or column checkbox.

These bulk checkboxes only affect the permissions and role that you have visible.

Reset changes:

You can now easily undo any changes that you have made to the form before submission.

Change indicators*:

Any permission that you have changed, either checked or unchecked, will be highlighted with a green or red glow, respectively.

* Only works on modern browsers and IE9+.

Optional integration with Filter permissions:

If you have a large number of permissions and roles, you might experience memory limit issues when accessing the permissions page that FPA is not designed to handle.

If you are experiencing these issues, it is suggested that you install the Filter permissions module along side FPA.

This is especially useful if you know the role(s) you want to make changes to, but might not know the permission.

Provides special functionality for:

Uses CTools modal or Modal Frame API modal if present, otherwise will open a new tab/window.

With this module enabled, a new link labeled "Manage Permissions" appears on a content type or field's configuration screen. Clicking will load a modal window displaying the permissions applicable to the current field.

For Drupal 6

This module is not receiving support for Drupal 6 anymore. However, you can still find old releases here

Suggestions & New Features:

I am completely open to new suggestions and feature requests. Please open a new feature request for any ideas that you have, and I'll take a look and respond.

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