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The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything, of course, is 42.
The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Drupal theming, of course, is FortyTwo.

A modern responsive base theme incorporating the latest technologies like Gulp, Sass, BrowserSync and more.

A Drush command is available for easy sub theming.

FortyTwo is Drupal 8 ready.

Now with flexbox

As of the 7.x-4.x and 8.x-3.x versions of this theme we have added flexbox as the default layout method and have removed floats in total. Keep this in mind when updating the theme to the newest versions.

Fortytwo admin

As of January 2017 we have also released a responsive administrative theme based on Fortytwo. We called it: FortyTwo - Administration theme. This theme has been created to fill a void in Drupal 8 from which we think needed to be filled.


  • Full responsiveness (fluid, adaptive) including a grid background and responsive identifier for theming purposes.
  • A cool login screen (if enabled in theme config)
  • Configurable content and sidebar position
  • Configurable javascript libraries like enquire.js and lodash
  • SASS and Gulp included, including browsersync
  • And more!


For more info and documentation about this theme, please refer to the FortyTwo README or check out this page.


  • Demo theme included as sub theme;

Sites built with FortyTwo

This is a list of some sites built with FortyTwo.

If you have any feature requests, please don't hesitate to add them to the issue queue!

Supporting organizations: 
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Sponsoring and support

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