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This module provides submission limitation on a form with 2 features :
You can add a countdown timer for form which includes custom and entity forms available on your Drupal site. If user does not submit a form within a countdown period, the form will be expired automatically and user will not be able to submit it, User has to reload the page in order to start new countdown to make a successful form submission.

You can add a certain time limitation on a form in (start date [m-d-Y H:i] and end date [m-d-Y H:i]) format. That will limit a form to given time period and user will see remaining time on the form. After the time expiration user will not be allowed to submit that form and will timeout.

Timeout messages are configurable for both the cases above. Configure here :

There can be many use cases for the module but to give it in a summary :
* Countdown: If you have a time limit for filling a form, for example, payment forms, etc.,
* Timed: If you need to limit a form submission for certain date and time, certain time period or for an event, e.g, for 31st dec 12:00 to 23:59, after this time period user wont be able to submit the form.

Important Note:
When using Timed feature of this module, always double-check your site's default timezone and user time zone.

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