This module provides a way to autosave data entered in any Drupal form without actually submitting the form, which helps if the user is writing an article or a comment and the browser crashed or the power went down, or even if the window was closed accidently.

It works using the jQuery Sisyphus plugin, which is a lightweight jQuery plugin that uses Local Storage to save form fields every specific time span that is configurable from the module settings page.

Installation instructions

  1. Install the other modules that this one depends upon. Follow these contrib module installation instructions if you’re new to this kind of thing:
  2. Download the Javascript libraries.
  3. Enable the Save Form State module from the Modules list, at admin/modules
  4. Configure jQuery Update to use version 1.7 or above. The configuration can be found at admin/config/development/jquery_update.
  5. Configure the Save Form State module options at admin/config/content/formsavestate.
  6. Navigate to the forms you choose in the previous step and enjoy the safety of your data.

Using CKEditor

Sisyphus does not work with CKEditor out of the box, but there is a fork available that does support CKEditor. Install this module normally following the instructions above, but instead of getting the Sisyphus library from compujohnny/sisyphus on github in step 2 above, download this version:

If you have already installed this module and want to add CKEditor support, simply download that fork of Sisyphus and replace the existing sites/all/libraries/sisyphus directory with that version.


This module was developed and sponsored by JesoX

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