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This module provides an interface for drag and drop Form Builder module to create complex forms such as multi-step forms. It will store the created form in the database, or will allow a site administrator to export the Forms API code for use in an include file.

It will also allow a site administrator to export/import the form with CTools exportables allowing forms to be bundled with modules.

What this module does

This module allows a site administrator to create forms. These forms can be stored in the database and displayed on a page with an optional path, or the form can be exported as Forms API code for use in another project.

It also allows for the optional creation of multi-step forms by using fieldsets as "pages".

What this module does not do

Form Manager does not do any form validation or form submission handling. It is expected that a companion module will exist to process the form submissions, such as saving the submission in a database.

It is the intent of this project to eventually have some limited data management for storing form submission results, but this is not currently being developed.


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The development of this module was done as part of the project and was sponsored by The Executive Office of the President.

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