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This project has been replaced by Form module.

Form controller closes a gap in Drupal's module framework. While we have CCK and Views for contents, Blocks and Panels for regions, and similarly configurable solutions for other things, we haven't had a module to configure and control forms.

The primary purpose of this module was to have a "Form Spy"-alike helper that aids in retrieving and selecting form ids for modules like Journal, #translatable, Fivestar, Compact forms, aso. However, it quickly turned out that Form controller is basically able to be a general purpose helper for most modules that implement hook_form_alter().

For this reason, Form controller does (almost) nothing on its own. It allows other modules to implement hook_form_controller() to allow administrative users to define settings for any FAPI-based form in Drupal. Form controller loads those settings and returns the form values back to the hook_form_controller() implementation (for now, that is). Modules can use this valuable information to alter/don't alter a form, or for whatever they like.

Form controller is very lightweight. Admittedly, the included JavaScript needs some love from a jQuery guru, however, it works for now.

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