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Form Beautifier

This module is a collection of GPL jQuery scripts that easily integrate into Drupal forms.

These scripts will improve the way forms look and usability.
Please submit your own custom styles so this module can provide more out-of-the-box options for users

Currently Includes
Include or Exclude each feature based upon FormID's
Checkboxes & Radios - easily styled w/ CSS
Autocomplete Dropdowns - easily styled w/ CSS
Field Focus - highlights current field selected

Development Sponsored by: Rapid Waters Development, LLC

7.x Branch > sandbox

The 6.x branch has been partially ported to D7, and new features have been added:

  • In-field labels. Using the jQuery In-field labels plugin.
  • Inline labels. Adds CSS to make labels appear inline with a 10em left-margin.
  • Drop-down checklist. Using the jQuery DDCL plugin used in the sexy_exposed module.

I mostly use these three plugins and have not thoroughly tested the other plugins that were a part of the D6 version of form_beautifier. These three features are used on numerous D7 production sites.

Drupal 7 development sponsored by Albatross Digital

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