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The Florida Drupal Users' Group is making funds available to local Florida Drupal communities in order to strengthen and grow the Florida Drupal community.

Amount of funds available

The source of the available funds is surplus money from previous Florida DrupalCamp events. In the interest of keeping a nest egg for future Florida DrupalCamps, approximately 50% (roughly $5,000) is being made available to local Florida meetup groups. It is important to note that this nest egg has been developed over the past 5-ish years, so it is probably not in our best interest to spend it all in the next 6 months :)

There is no guarantee that future Florida DrupalCamps will generate the same surplus, so it will pay for us to be smart with these funds.

Items that will be reimbursed without question

  • (standard) fees.
  • Up to $300/year for food/drinks (non-alcoholic) for meetups.

Process to request reimbursement for additional items.

If your local meetup group has an idea to strengthen and grow your local Drupal community and you would like to make a request for reimbursement, please open a new issue in this project. All Florida Drupal community members will be welcome to weigh-in, and we will hope to come to a consensus. If a consensus cannot be reached, the project maintainers of this project will make the final decision. Guiding principles for reaching a consensus are:

  • The opinions of more active community members will carry more weight.
  • Only Florida community members feedback will be considered.
  • Florida community members will have 72 hours to provide feedback, after that the decision will be made by the co-maintainers of this project.

Examples of reimbursements that will need to go through the approval process:

  • Travel expenses for out-of-town meetup presenters.
  • Venue rental expenses for meetups.

These funds are (mostly) meant to help kickstart local communities, not provide an ongoing source of funds. It should be the goal of all meetups to be self-sufficient via local sponsors and volunteers.

Project maintainers

The project maintainers of this project have the final say on all reimbursements. If you'd like to be a project maintainer, please open a new issue. Priority will be given (in order) to:

  • Active Florida DrupalCamp volunteers
  • Active Florida meetup organizers
  • Active Florida-based Drupal contributors

Grants awarded

  • Tampa - Adam Varn - subscription fee - $89.94 - March 3, 2017


The initial discussion of these grants can be found here:

Project Information