Close-cropped screenshot of the menu with default skin.

The people managing content on the sites you build are frequently not site administrators, and the usual administrative menus often do not fit the use case for these roles. Enter Floating Manager Menu.

Floating Manager Menu is intended as an alternative to such modules as Simple Menu and Administrator Menu with a focus on non-administrative content editors and managers. It allows you to include an unobtrusive and easily styled menu without the need to dedicate a region within your site's theme.

This module features:

  • the ability to select any existing menu from within your Drupal installation
  • simple CSS themability, with three skins included
  • jQuery UI draggable floating "window" that doesn't require inclusion in a certain region of a theme (window is collapsible to save space and maintains persistent positioning through page loads)
  • seamless compatibility with dhtml_menu for an even smoother experience


  • The Drupal 6 version of this module requires jQuery UI.
  • The DHTML Menu module is optional, but recommended.


Development of this project was sponsored by the University of Lethbridge.

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