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Update: Nov 5, 2015

Flight is morphing into Proud,, which will have an alpha 1 release in in November 2015.

Proud contains all of the features of Flight (although it uses panels instead of context/display suite), with some additions we are excited about:

  • Content editing enhancements (and I'm working to fix some bugs in ckeditor_widgets) from Helm
  • A new, clean Bootstrap-based dashboard and panels interface
  • A scss, variable-based subtheme structure
  • Default apps to build a fully-featured, Continuous Integration-tested website in minutes

Flight is a Drupal distribution that takes all of the cutting-edge Drupal 7 features and packages them together so they work out of the box. Whereas the excellent Panopoly distro relies heavily on Panels and Page Manager, we feel like Context and Display Suite save us clicks and help us finish projects faster. We use Zurb Foundation as a grid-based, responsive theme and add some advanced grunt and sass workflows to help you make your site look beautiful quicker.

Key Features

  • Standardize your responsive design and theming workflow with Zurb Foundation ( and SASS mixins
  • Setup grunt to watch for SASS changes, auto-reload your browser, and check theme optimization
  • Context for page layout and Display Suite for node view layout
  •, oEmbed, and Media integration that works out of the box (and is fully responsive)

Pre-installation (not required)

  • In the profile directory (profiles/flight), run
    drush make flight-libraries.make --no-core --contrib-destination .
    This manually installs a number of libraries that can't be installed by default because they are not yet whitelisted on


Flight is fully packaged by and can be downloaded and installed on your own server similar to Drupal core.


  • If CKEditor is not appearing, go to /admin/config/content/ckeditor/edit/Flight and check the Rich Text and Unfiltered Rich Text checkboxes.
  • To get the Ink Filepicker to work, Go to and create an account. Enter your key on /admin/config/media/filepickerio.
  • To get share buttons to work, go to and, select your libraries and put in profiles/flight/libraries/share42 (or sites/all/libraries/share42)
  • Optional: To support embedding from over 200 sources including YouTube and Scribd: Enable oembedembedly. Go to, and create an account. Enter your account credentials on

Other Features

  • Beans for exportable blocks
  • Quickly create your sub-theme with Grunt (and no search and replace)
  • Bash scripts to install LiveReload so you don't need to hit F5 everytime you edit your SASS file
  • Administration Menu is used for superuser, while Toolbar is used for all other administration users
  • Easily add support for slideshows, event calendars, webforms (with form builder) and advanced workflows (with Workbench), by enabling optional features

Flight was developed and is maintained by Albatross Digital. We use it as the starting-point for our projects.

Project information

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    Considered feature-complete by its maintainers.
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