This module is an AJAX based solution to easily insert your Flickr photos into your posts.
It displays Flickr photos as thumbnails in a bar across the bottom of your node post form. Clicking on the thumbnail of a photo you want to use will then automatically insert the proper HTML snippet into your post. If you have tinyMCE enabled on a textarea you can click and drag an image into the textarea.

* search for photos based on Flickr user and / or tags without leaving the edit screen
* photos are loaded in the background via AJAX
* click on a thumbnail to automatically insert it into your post
* drag a thumbnail into tinyMCE-enabled textareas
* integration with lightbox2 module which uses lightbox to "pop out" larger pictures onto the web browser
* tested with Firefox 1.5, IE 1.6, Opera 8.5

This module was written by Elek Márton and sponsored by Development
Seed (

Aron Novak added to the current version several usability improvements and features, including:
* click and drag into tinyMCE
* scroll through your photos 10 at a time (paging)
* lightbox2 integration
* docking and floating capability of the iframe to allow inserting into textareas not visible on the screen

Wim Mostrey upgraded the module to Drupal 5 and improved the GUI.

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