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Flickr Insert

This module is no longer maintained. If anyone wants to take over the project let me know.

Flickr Insert allows you to easily insert complete Flickr photosets into content throughout your site, whether it be nodes, blocks or even comments by the use of [flickrinsert||...] tags.

This module is in very early development so take care!

Key Features

  • Insert complete Flickr photosets, not just the primary image.
  • Allow for paging of photosets.
  • Display x random photos from a photoset.
  • Choose the size of images to display and what to link to.
  • Includes an FCKeditor plug-in based on Image Browser which allows you to easily select which photoset to insert, change some options and insert it all without the knowledge of any tag code.
  • AJAX paging of photosets, which degrades beautifully.


Look at the results Flickr Insert can achieve.

The Future

  • Select individual photos via the Flickr Insert Browser.
  • Better support for lightbox2.

Custom Tag Use


  • $type: photoset or photo
  • $id: ID of photoset or photo
  • $size: sq (75px), t (100px), s (240px), m (500px), l (1024px), o (original)
  • $num: number of photos to display (per page)
  • $rand: 0 for false, 1 for true; randomise display photos - will automatically disable the pager
  • $pager: 0 for false, 1 for true; use a pager so the user can navigate the whole photoset
  • $link: none (Don't Link), page (Flickr Photo Page), sq (75px), t (100px), s (240px), m (500px), l (1024px), o (original)

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