The Flickr API module serves as a helper module for other Drupal Flickr modules. You don't need this module unless another module requires it or you want to develop a new Flickr-based module.

To use this module, or any Flickr services modules, you will need to obtain an API key from


Module that use Flickr API

  • Bean: Flickr Integration

    Provides Bean integration for Flickr. With this module, users can easily create blocks that fetch Flickr images by searching (tags/fulltext) on a given string or by using taxonomy terms.

  • Flickr Rippr

    Reads for users latest public photos, and turns these into content (nodes) on your drupal website.

  • FlickrGallery

    Shows all your sets and pictures from your Flickr account.

Development and maintenance of this module is sponsored by LimoenGroen.

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