This module will install CCK fields for Flickr Flash Slideshows and Flickr Flash Badges. If you have the Slideshow Creator module installed, you also have the option to create a javascript slideshow of flickr images. CCK nodes allow flickr content to be stored by any combination of username/userid, photosets, tags, and/or searched text. Fields have various settings to control appearance, such as width/height and transition/fade modes (when using Slideshow Creator). Plays well with Views, so if you have, for instance, a Flash slideshow in the node, you could have a block that displays the flickr show as a badge or mini-slideshow.

Authors: Aaron Winborn & Sam Tresler
Original Development at DrupalCampNYC2

Requires: Drupal 4.7+, cck & flickr modules
Optional: Views, Slideshow Creator

Project Information