This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Flattr is a social micropayment platform that lets you show love for the things you like.
Help support the people you like and enable them to continue with what they do.
Add your own things to Flattr and recieve appreciation from others.

This module integrates the Flattr service into Drupal similar to the WordPress plugin at

Drupal 7 status

The Flattr module is largely complete. There are currently no plans for new features to be added.

There are currently no plans for an upgrade path from D6 to D7. Patches are welcome.

Drupal 6 status

The D6 version is looking for a new maintainer, and is currently only on life-support.

Drupal 8 status

The D8 version has a first port but needs testing.


Below are links to the readme file for the two available versions.
Drupal 7
Drupal 6

Flattr the maintainers

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