This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

flatforum is not a full theme. It's a template that changes the look of forum so it resembles phpBB/vBulletin style flat forums. flatforum.module is needed for post count and join date information.

A new module called Advanced Forum offers the same functionality of Flatforum and more. It is also easier to install. An ongoing discussion on the future of flatforum is available here.

2006-10-02: Flatforum CVS has been updated for Drupal 5.0, and the stylesheet has undergone a remake!


Flatforum requires a theme based on the phptemplate engine.


Please check the README.txt file for details.


The code was originally written by Károly Négyesi. The CSS is Tibor Liktor's work. These phases were sponsered by, and RealROOT BVBA for (not work-safe).

This module is currently looking for a new maintainer. Please contact Ayman if you would like to volunteer.

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