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Easily import data scraped by the Flatfish Ruby gem into Drupal as custom content types and media.

Basic Information

Flatfish is a Ruby gem for scraping sections of HTML pages and prepping that data for Drupal.

After you've run the Flatfish gem and have your database populated with the scraped data, this module can import that data into Drupal as custom content types (specified by you in the original URL CSV's used by the Fiatfish gem) or Media content.

Quick Start Instructions

  1. Install and run Flatfish according to the README
  2. Make sure your Drupal content types exist AND match your Flatfish CSV(s).
  3. Make sure your database, config.yml, and outputted schema.yml are all accessible to Drupal. The config.yml and schema.yml should be in the sites/all/flatfish_migrations directory.
  4. Visit the Flatfish admin config page to register your migrations.
  5. Run the media migration and then any node migrations. (If you forget to run the media migration first, just rerun the nodes with the "update" checkbox enabled.)



This module was originally sponsored by Drupal Connect.

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