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The Flat Book module allows you to "flatten" subsections of a book by displaying them on a single page.

A table of contents block is provided to allow the user to quickly jump to a particular node on the page. Back to top links are also provided below each node. If the user requests to view a node below the maximum menu depth, he will be redirected to the portion of the flattened page that contains the requested node.

Flat book supports three types of flattening: Sitewide, bookwide, and branches. When you first install the module, all books are set to use the sitewide flatten depth (set to 3 by default). This may be changed on the book settings page (located at admin/content/book/settings). You may override this setting for any particular book on the "edit order and titles" page, available for any book at admin/content/book/%bid. On this page, you can choose a bookwide flatten depth for this book, and/or choose particular branches to be flattened.

This module is useful for organizing large amounts of hierarchical data in a user friendly way. Children of a node in a book are usually related to (talk about the same subject as) the parent. However, if the book tree is deep enough it can become a hassle for the user to drill down all the way to the particular node he is interested in. Furthermore, this flat structure can allow the user to read through entire sections of the book without frequently changing pages.

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