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Flag limit is a supplement to the Flag module.

This module allows any flag (for example: bookmarks) to have a limited number of items.

When a new item is flagged causing the limit to be exceeded, the items that were most recently flagged remain flagged, but the items that were flagged longest ago are un-flagged.

This solves the use case where you would only like to have X "featured" items in a rotator at the top of a page, but once you you exceed X the oldest item should appear below the rotator, in a list sorted by date.

Drupal 7

There is a new feature in the 7.x-1.x branch that optionally lets you limit the number of flaggings each item can have. Once the limit is reached, nobody else can flag the item.

The Drupal 7 branch is maintained by Shawn DeArmond, for use on Circle of Gifts.
This module was originally written by Jen Lampton.

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