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A Drupal-based re-creation of FixMyStreet (UK) arising from the Open Government New Zealand initiative (refer currently operating at

Visitors can report an Issue (e.g. pothole) to a Jurisdiction (i.e. a Council). Once confirmed by the submitter, notification of an Issue is emailed to the relevant jurisdicton for resolution. Issues can include a latitude and longitude, category, description and a photo. Visitors can add Updates (comments) to an Issue, and indicate that the Issue is fixed. To minimise usage hurdles, user accounts are not required. To minimise spam, confirmation by email is required for new Issues and Updates.

The site uses multiple web services:
Google Maps: for map display, with markers representing Issues. address geocoding to latitude and longitude. postcode geocoding to latitude and longitude. reverse geocode API to find Jurisdiction from from latitude and longitude.

It's a working site, but the code needs plenty of work to make it applicable to other jurisdictions.

Do not expect this code to work "out-of-the-box". Only use this code if you can work on it directly to customise for your jurisdiction.

See also

- add tests
- remove NZ-specific code
- complete migration from Territorial Authority to Jurisdiction
- integrate with Open311
- add features such as RSS, email notifications, etc.
- improve mapping incl. clustering

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