Wizard Cat Will Find It!

The Finder wizard module allows users to create and configure a multiple step form to find nodes, users, or items listed by the Views module.

On each step of the form the user is prompted to answer a multiple choice question about the node, or whatever they are looking for. The possible answers are field values from possible nodes left in the remaining pool of nodes. Once all questions have been answered the user is presented with a results page with a list of nodes, or auto redirected to the only matching node.

Example Usage:

  1. Create a content type 'product'.
  2. Create a vocabulary 'size' with terms 'small', 'medium', and 'large' - associate it with content type 'product'.
  3. Create a vocabulary 'color' with terms 'red', 'green', and 'blue' - associate it with content type 'product'.
  4. Create many nodes of type 'product' with various combinations of these taxonomies.
  5. Create a Finder wizard with 2 questions, one is "pick a size" and the other is "pick a colour", and assign the corresponding vocabularies as answers.
  6. Users can now use the Finder wizard to get a results page of products, matching the size and colour, using a 2 step form.

Wizard and results page are fully themeable.

Finder wizard 6.x-2.x

Only supports finding nodes by taxonomy terms using radio buttons.

Finder wizard 6.x-3.x

Uses the power of Finder to support a variety of form elements, findable objects, and fields.

Alternative module

You may find an alternative solution with the Decision tree module.

Drupal 7

There is a variation of Finder Wizard that comes with the Finder module.

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