This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This provides a generic filter macro API, allowing tags of almost every style to be processed into either HTML or text without much fuss.

Once the filter is enabled through Input Formats, the module will allow other modules to convert tags, such as bbcode style ([b], [i], etc), [image:width=300;height=400], [audio:1pixelout:width=300], into module defined text.

It also provides a way to locate all tags within text, the recreation of those tags, via functions such as filter_macros_find, and filter_macros_tag.

It currently provides a context for tags located within node teasers or bodies, to transform themselves for later reprocessing.

Wish list:
- The ability to allow configuration of a tag through the filter_macros_configure function, to generate tags for insertion into textareas.
- Sub-module to set usage permissions per tag.

Project Information