This module has been moved to PDF module formally,

This module add Internet Archive BookReader ( for PDF and EPUB support into Drupal to make both of them can be open and view file field in the browser. "Search inside" was just added. Can be bugy. If you upload a book, it will be very slow, because I just use JS for search. Maybe do it on server side in the future. didn't test on IE.

Demo Video: 16:30

Considering that only Drupal 7 has the hook for file, I will only work on Drupal 7 version.
The file processing part is ugly Drupal 6 because I can only use nodeapi. If anyone want to help for the Drupal 6 version, please contact me. For someone want D6 version.

Poppler is required for PDF to png. So if you want to work on windows you may need to compile it.

You need to check our Internet Archive BookReader ( and put the "BookReader" directory into sites/all/libraries. You may also need to apply to go with the jQuery 1.6+.

Thank santam for the Readme file.

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