This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module allows access to nodes with attached and related files, as well as access to file node contents, via a WebDAV metaphor similar to File Server. The user can browse all files existing in the system by file MIME type, attached- or related-to node type (e.g., event, story, etc.), and attached- or related-to node parent group. Group browsing additionally supports OG Vocabulary integration, which browses by group taxonomy to find attached- or related-to nodes.

For a faster understanding of this module, please see the original author's presentation from Drupalcon DC, available here.

The module requires DAV API, File Framework, File Attach (part of File Framework), and Organic Groups. If OG Vocabulary is enabled, an option is provided to allow unattached/unrelated group file nodes to appear by group taxonomy, and if Relations API is enabled, options exists for each node type to determine whether that type uses file attachments or RDF relationships to relate files in the WebDAV metaphor.

Full support is provided for uploading new files (thereby creating file nodes) and managing tagging, attachment status, RDF relationship status, and filename. Files can be uploaded to create file nodes and make new associations, moved to change associations, copied to create new associations, and deleted to remove associations. If so configured for the file node type, full node revision support is enabled, leaving a paper trail of all changes made through the WebDAV interface.

This project was originally developed by Justin Miller and is based on File Server by Arto Bendiken. It is currently maintained by the author and Miglius Alaburda. Development has been in part sponsored by M.C. Dean and MakaluMedia.

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