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This module create a new content type that is actually an uploaded file. We can therefore unify the administration to file upload with nodes.

Major features

  • To create a File Node, he/she can upload a file with IMCE browser. He/she can use IMCE browser to select an existing file on server as the "File Node file".
  • When the File Node is created, you may download the File Node file at "node/[nid]/file". The real path of the file is hidden.
  • If a user has permission to edit the specific File Node, he/she can get a normal node page that has title, description and link to the file. He/she can update title, description and file here like normal node.
  • If a user has no permission to edit the File Node, the File Node "node/[nid]" will redirect him/her to "node/[nid]/file". Then the user may see / download the file directly.
  • File Node module comply with node revision of drupal. You can create a new revision with a different file. And you can later revert to the old file with no difficulty.

Planned features

  • File seeks support for multi-session download.
  • File Node dependent file download control.

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