This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module complements the core Database Log module with a logger that writes events to a file.


  • The log message format is configurable (using the Token system).
  • The files are written to site/default/files/logs by default, but can be created in any location that PHP can access.
  • The verbosity of the file log is configurable, so that only events above a specific severity are recorded.
  • Drupal can automatically rotate the log file on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, either deleting or archiving/compressing the old log file to a new location.

Legacy support

A Drupal 7 version of this module is not planned.

A similar module was previously implemented by xmarket for Drupal 6. This version is no longer maintained. (A D7 port of the D6 module was previously created, but is also not maintained. Patches are welcome.)

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